Smart e-GIS SOFTWARE a product of MULTIMIND CREATIONS (MMC) - State-of-the-Art technological innovation marvel with Cloud Computing capabilities for Geographical Information System (GIS) seamlessly integrating with all industry ERPs and legacy systems for various industrial Sectors, Educational and R&D business operations.
  1. SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE (Desktop Version): Desktop geographic information system(GIS) application that supports Creating, viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data. This Cloud Computing Geographical Information System (GIS) with an affordable License per User Fee for Lifetime excluding periodic version update cost to the customer. Software As A Service (SaaS) Model also available on this Desktop Version.
  2. SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE (Web Based Version) : Web Based applications deployed on free and Open-source software (FOSS) advantages of free and open source cross-platform integration deployed integration with Google CEO Server API. Without any additional investment on License Fee for the User Group
  3. SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE (Mobile Based Version) : Android OS Based mobile GIS platform on Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) advantages of free and open-source crossplatform integration deployed integrating with google API. Without any additional investment on license Fee for the User Group. However, Customization for iPhone mobile devices on iOS-based mobile GIS platform can also be made available on specific request.

  1. Incorporates all major functions as geographic information system (GIS) software, allowing users to create, analyze and edit spatial information, in addition to composing and exporting graphical maps. SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE supports both raster and vector layers, vector data is stored as point, line, Polyline or polygon features. Multiple formats of raster images are supported and the software can georeference Satellite-images
  2. Support all GIS industry standard file formats such as shapefile, coverages, personal geodatabases, dxf, Mapinfo, PostGIS and many other formats. Web services, including Web services, including Web Map Service and Web Feature Service, are also supported to allow the use of data from external sources.
  3. Integrate with other open-source GIS packages, including PostGIS, GRASS GIS and MapServer. Plugins are written in Python or C++ extends SMART E-GIS SOFTWARE capabilities. Plugins can be used by Geocoding the Google Geocoding API, perform geoprocessing Functions similar to those of the standard tools found in ArcGIS, and interface with PostgreSQL/PostGIS,SpatiaLite and MySQL databases.
  1. Developed after extensive research by highly experienced team of GIS technocrats at MULTIMIND CREATIONS (MMC) in early 2013, and it become an incubator project of the open source Geospatial in early 2015 with Beta Version for Digital Landbase Maps publication for many industry sectors mainly Telecom Mobile Service Providers,Direct To Home Cable TV Operators Property Tax Mapping by local urban Bodies and Electrical Distribution Organizations.
  2. Backend developement is done in all standards Open Source Code using a combination of many programming languages like VC++, C++, and Java Scripts. SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE makes extensive use of the MMC data library. In addition to MMC, required dependencies of OGC-GIS include GEOS and SQLite. GDAL, GRASS GIS, PostGIS, and PostgreSQL are also recommended, as they provide access to additional data formats.
  3. SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE can be deployed on multiple operating systems including Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, and Microsoft Windows. A mobile version of SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE was under development for Android
  4. SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE graphical user interface is specially designed for the best user experience using PHP technologies. SMART E-GIS SOFTWARE has a small install footprint on the host file system compared to Powerful commercial GISs and generally requires less RAM and processing power, hence it can be used on older hardware or running simultaneously with other applications where CPU power may be limited.
  5. SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE is maintained by volunteer developers who regularly release updates and bug fixes. As developers have translated SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE can be made available on multiple languages and the application is used internationally in academic and professional environments.Several companies offer support and feature developement services.
  1. Layers : SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE can display multiple layers containing different sources or depictions of sources.
  2. Preparing Maps : In order to prepare the map with SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE, the Print composer is used.It can be used for adding the map, labels, legends, etc.
  3. Training : SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE training program is designed for Basic and Advanced Sessions to address the special business needs of the particular Industry Segment. They are available including dedicated hands-on practice with tutorials and User Guides.
  4. Releases : Currently, SMART e-GIS SOFTWARE Release Version 1.0019 updated on January 2019 and updation takes place periodically as and when demanded by the technical review committe and regular technical audits.
  • MRP (including GST) : Rs.11,27,500.00
  • Offer Price (including GST): Rs.10,25,000.00